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Our designs of citymaps (plans, maps), landmarks and mountains are in demand, even for unusual or exclusive ideas. Whether (wedding) invitations, greeting cards, pin boards, posters, wallpapers, wall prints and wall tattoos, new motifs, etc.

We can make every village, every city, every valley, every lake, every place, every federal state and every republic in the world, the same applies to drawings and illustrations of landmarks and mountains.

DSTRCT custom-made products are always unique

If you order a custom-made product from us, you will always receive a unique item, i.e. a No. 1 edition / edition (Special Edition) which can also be recognized in this way, a work that will not exist in this form a second time and can be individualized / personalized as desired (e.g. name for the recipient, any symbols and markers)

For all inquiries for special sizes and designs, please send an email to:

Here are some examples of custom-made products that we have made so far
(Personal details have been changed for data protection reasons)


DSTRCT Monaco Sondernafertigung Anon

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA:DSTRCT Sonderanfertigung San Diego Anon

RIJEKA, CROATIA:DSTRCT Sonderanfertigung Rijeka Kroatien Anon


SINABELL & GUTTENBERGHAUS, STYRIA:DSTRCT Sonderanfertigung Sinabell & Guttenberghaus Anon

FILZMOOS, SALZBURG:DSTRCT Sonderanfertigung Filzmoos Anon

JABING, BURGENLAND:DSTRCT Sonderanfertigung Jabing Anon

TURGI, AARGAU, SWITZERLAND:DSTRCT Sonderanfertigung Turgi Anon

WEDDING INVITATIONS:DSTRCT Hochzeitseinladungen 1/3

DSTRCT Hochzeitseinladungen 2/3

DSTRCT Hochzeitseinladungen 3/3

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