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| DSTRCT | produces minimalist and aesthetic city maps, illustrations and drawings of neighborhoods, landmarks and mountains, which give the stylish home the exclusive finishing touch and a pinch of homeland love. Each motif is handpicked, development is preceded by an elaborate creative process and all materials used are of the highest quality.


From the idea to | DSTRCT |

Everyone loves their Grätzl - we do too. As a farewell present for a friend who particularly liked his “District”, we were looking for an original souvenir of his time in Vienna. After an unsuccessful search, we designed a stylized map of his favorite Grätzl Margareten, printed it out and gave it to him framed as a present. Not only his, but also the reactions of the others present were so good that we were immediately forced to do more of them for our friends. Simultaneously, puristic mountain motifs have been added that delight mountain enthusiasts.

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